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May 14, 2024
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Hey everyone! It’s Darragh from On Me.

I've always been fascinated with how evolving technologies shape our interactions. In my current role as the CEO of On Me, I'd like to share a deeper insight into our guiding mission:

Strengthen relationships through magical ✨ gifting experiences.

Since the dawn of our species, humans have exchanged resources. This practice was not just a means of ensuring collective survival; it was foundational to establishing deep connections and community. While this primal act has evolved, its core—demonstrating understanding and care through exchange—remains unchanged.

We are a team of former engineers, product managers, and UX designers from Google, Apple, and Amazon, dedicated to enhancing digital gifting where we believe current solutions fall short. Our vision is to elevate digital gifting to match the pace of modern life, creating meaningful interactions that genuinely reflect the depth of our relationships and the spirit of our intentions.

Bridging the Gap Between Intentions and Expertise

In the modern gifting landscape, aligning our intentions with the expertise needed to select the perfect gift can be challenging. Take, for example, the tennis enthusiast in your life preparing for a summer season on clay courts. They've hinted at needing a new racket, but choosing the right one requires a level of expertise beyond the reach of even the most caring friend, sibling, or parent. Chances are, they already have their dream racket in mind, with a folder of bookmarks titled "Rackets I'd Court" housing their top contenders.

We believe a better way exists, and we can bridge this gap. Imagine sending a beautiful digital tennis gift, packed with memories and inside jokes. Include a photo of both of you celebrating their epic third-place finish at last year's club championship, gifs that only they will laugh at, and a short video message explaining that this gift is to go towards the new racket they need, wishing them a delightfully happy birthday. This personalized package arrives alongside a digital gift card that works at all the top tennis retailers, empowering them to choose the perfect equipment to dominate on the court.

Example of a personalized On Me gift card receiver experience with videos, gifs, and images

At On Me, we offer a diverse collection of 50+ digital gift cards, each with a meticulously curated roster of partner brands, ensuring those we care about can find the perfect fit. Each gift card is tailored to its unique area, like our "Running, On Me" gift card. Designed for runners of all levels, from weekend warriors to seasoned ultra runners, it grants access to top brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour®, and REI, alongside eight additional running-focused retailers. This variety ensures every runner finds the perfect pair of shoes or the ideal race-day gear.

A Running, On Me gift card with supported brands

Looking forward, we strive to move beyond the ordinary gift. On Me aspires to become the platform for gifting experiences—whether it's a thrilling skydiving adventure, horseback riding lessons, or a nostalgic round of golf with an old friend. The possibilities are endless.

Trust and security

Our dedication to security is paramount. The traditional gift card industry has become a hotbed for fraudulent activity in recent years, and we at On Me see this as an opportunity to turn a new leaf and provide a gift card service that is both simple and secure. We address these concerns head-on by implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as a standard feature across our platform. This ensures not only that every gift card sent is secure but also that On Me becomes a trusted provider of digital gifting solutions, offering a truly safe experience for all users.

Our pledge to sustainability

The gift card industry's reliance on single-swipe plastic cards results in the production of 3.4 billion cards each year in the USA1, generating 17,000 metric tons of plastic waste—an unsustainable practice that must end. Modern smartphones, always at hand, enable seamless and far more secure payments.

Moreover, every Christmas, Americans spend an estimated $16 billion on gifts that go straight to the landfill2. That's 650 Great Pacific Garbage Patches of entirely unwanted gifts that are instantly discarded each year. By providing digital gifts that recipients can tailor to their actual needs and desires, On Me aims to drastically reduce this colossal amount of waste. Our approach ensures that each gift is not only genuinely appreciated but also reflects a deep understanding of the recipient's passions and needs.

Respecting the opportunity

The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche—particularly his insights in Untimely Meditations and On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life—comes to mind; I believe there is no greater purpose than to strive for the monumental and seemingly impossible. The mere appearance of impossibility should not deter us; indeed, that's exactly what makes it worth pursuing. Where would the courage and greatness be if success were certain and there was no risk? The only true failure is shrinking away from life's challenges.

We are dedicated to honoring the trust and investment of our friends, family, investors and partners, including Mastercard,, and Lerer Hippeau, who have supported our vision.

Thank you for your interest, and please subscribe for more updates as we continue to build On Me!




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