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We strive to strengthen relationships through magical ✨ gifting experiences.
The On Me team in our San Francisco officeThe team in our San Francisco office 🌁

Building a better gift card 🪤

Darragh (pronounced Da-Rah) boasts the most phonetically friendly name among his three Irish siblings. As they got older, he and his siblings scattered across the world to work and study— from Oslo to Tokyo and Tasmania to Zurich. Living far from family meant missing in-person holidays and celebrations, so Darragh tried to find alternatives ways to send presents and well wishes. But nothing quite fit the bill as digital gifting platforms lacked personalization tools and the gift card industry, still reliant on single-swipe plastic cards, seemed antiquated.

Sitar has always been interested in building technology that helps people connect with one another. As someone who values community building and has a lot of hobbies, they wanted a way for their friends, both near and far, to feel inspired to do what they love.

Darragh and Sitar first crossed paths when they were at Google. Five years later, they serendipitously met at a cafe in NYC to discuss gift cards. Now, they’re working together to enrich connections through personalized gifting at On Me.

The very first conversation about On MeThe very first conversation about On Me ☕️
Brainstorming ideas for the MVP launchBrainstorming ideas for the MVP launch 💡

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Some pretty cool people believe in us and our vision. Maybe you’ve heard of them 👀?

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The faces behind On Me

We’re a group of hobbyists and emoji enthusiasts seeking to bring people a little bit closer together. Interested in joining us? Send us a message at

Darragh Meaney 🏃 🚴‍♂️ ⛷️Their favorite card
Darragh Meaney 🏃 🚴‍♂️ ⛷️Co-founder and CEOPreviously at Google, YouTube, and Credit Suisse
Sitar Harel 🌈 🛠️ 🥰️Their favorite card
Sitar Harel 🌈 🛠️ 🥰️Co-founder and CTOPreviously at Google
Daniel Li 🎹 🍳 🚅Their favorite card
Daniel Li 🎹 🍳 🚅EngineeringPreviously at Apple
Hareen Godthi 🌦️️ 🍟 📐Their favorite card
Hareen Godthi 🌦️️ 🍟 📐DesignPreviously at Blend, Navan, and Amazon

It’s not just a gift card. It’s On Me.

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