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One pet care gift card, thousands of possibilities

🐾 pet food, on me🧸 toys and accessories, on me🛏️ beds and crates, on me🤔 almost anything for your furry friends, on me
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The best pet care gift card you've ever seen

From new pet owners to seasoned caregivers, this gift card has something for every pet. Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of choice.
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A digital gift card to shop in-store or online

Once you redeem your On Me gift card, you can add it to your mobile wallet to pay in-store or enter your gift card details to pay online.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait up, recap what an On Me Gift card is again?

An On Me gift card is a multi-brand gift card that you can seamlessly send to a friend via email or SMS. You can personalize it with videos, images, text, and GIFs, allowing your recipient to shop at a variety of top brands. Take our "Pet Care, On Me" gift card, for instance. Perfect for pet owners, it offers ultimate flexibility and personalization. Whether they need pet food, supplies, or accessories, recipients can choose exactly what they need for their pets. Support their pet care needs and create lasting memories with a gift that covers a wide range of pet essentials.

Where exactly can I shop with my Pet Care, On Me gift card?

The "Pet Care, On Me" gift card can be used at Petco, PetSmart, Chewy, Walmart, and The Nature Conservancy. Upon receiving the card, your recipient can shop at any of these brands.

How can I send an On Me gift card?

You can instantly send an On Me gift card via text message or email; all you need is the recipient's phone number or email address. When sending a gift, choose your preferred delivery method. We also support scheduled sending for special occasions, ensuring your gift arrives at just the right moment.

How will my recipient receive their On Me gift card and spend it?

Your recipient will receive the gift card via email or SMS, where they will see all the personalized text, beautiful photos, videos, and GIFs you added. On Me gift card recipients can select their preferred brand within the card's designated category. Once a brand is chosen, they receive a brand-specific gift card for versatile use—redeemable both in-store by presenting the digital details at checkout and online using the gift card code. To discover the latest participating brands, recipients can easily refer to the specific gift card's page or check the "gifts received" section after logging into their account for the most current information.

It’s not just a gift card. It’s On Me.

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